2015 Calendar

2015 Calendar – Military Body Painting

CoverREV1AMZ The 2015 Calendar Features 12 Beautiful women Body Painted in a variety of military themes outfits.  It also includes a 12X24 in poster that is a collection of ALL the beautiful ladies who have ever graced the pages of the Military Body Painting Calendar.

$19.99 plus 4.99 S&H

Orders OUTSIDE of Continental United States will be charged Postage At Cost.

NOTE:  The Graphic Artist mixed up the names of Ashley and Tiffany in the calendar.  The good news is that you can still enjoy images of these two beautiful ladies.  I am creating a separate page just for these 2 wonderful girls.  As soon as they approve the images to be used, you will be able to follow this LINK TO ASHLEY AND TIFFANY to see their pictures. Check back soon.

Here are some more pictures from the 2015 Calendar.

MilitaryBodyPaintingCalendarGirlsLOGO 12Dec12X24AMZ 2015BodyPaintCalendarWEB0036 2015BodyPaintCalendarWEB0042 2015BodyPaintCalendarWEB0053

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